Comfortable clothing can be so difficult to find, but can be especially difficult when you’re faced with the symptoms from a medical condition. For women with endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS etc… having moderate to severe bloating during their period is extremely common, which makes wearing tight clothing or jeans really uncomfortable. Some women have had many surgeries or have just come out of having a laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), hysterectomy, caesarian etc… and their stomach is too tender or swollen to feel comfortable in jeans or tight clothing. It’s hard enough dealing with a diagnosis & recovery from an operation, but then have to deal with not having comfortable clothes to wear; can be very disappointing & upsetting!

I personally remember constantly pulling out every piece of clothing in my wardrobe to try to find the ‘right’ dress or ‘jeans & a nice top’ for an event, but my tummy couldn’t handle the pressure from clothing. After my first surgery, I found I was wearing cheap Kmart nightgowns & my dads old shirts everywhere and it made me feel awful that I wasn’t even capable to put on a nice outfit. Every item of mine felt so uncomfortable to wear & it would constantly show my after surgery belly. I constantly would compare myself to other women my age who could wear that cute dress or ‘jeans & a nice top’.

But we as women are so strong, capable & beautiful, no matter how we look or what we wear! But we deserve to feel comfortable & confident in what we put on our bodies everyday, because our bodies go through so much as women! Our bodies are seriously incredible!

At Keely Brooke & Co, our clothing is perfect for women experiencing difficult times with their health, going through surgery, having a baby or just for those uncomfortable days! No matter the season you’re in – good or bad – this clothing is perfect for you!

Much love,

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