About Us

Whether you're recovering from surgery, weathering disability, a medical condition or having a little bubba, we are here to help, and make your life a whole lot comfier!

Here at Keely Brooke & Co we believe in helping ALL women feel beautiful, brave & loved; especially when circumstances make them feel the opposite. 

As an endometriosis & chronic illness warrior, girl boss, Keely Swan understands the struggle that women go through when dealing with difficult chronic health issues. After years of pain + sickness Keely was diagnosed with endometriosis at 18 years old through laparoscopic surgery. Following that surgery, she then had 2 more surgeries and many emergency, hospital & doctor visits to get some relief. Keely spent a lot of her days feeling uncomfortable with her significant tummy bloating (a main symptom of endometriosis) & felt anything but beautiful + brave. Keely realised how awful it felt trying to find nice clothes to wear out and was sick of wearing her dads old t-shirts to try to find somewhat comfortable during surgery recovery. After speaking to friends who were also having a hard time trying to find comfy clothes while going through surgery and for everyday life with chronic illness; Keely realised she wasn’t the only one with this need. 


Here Keely Brooke & Co was born!


Our vision is to help women who are struggling physically and/or mentally after pregnancy, surgery, with endometriosis, or with some form of disability or medical condition. It can be very hard to think of yourself as beautiful, brave & loved when you’re carrying pain, sickness & scars on your body. But we want ALL women to know that they are so beautiful, brave & loved – especially with scars & sickness. 

Our clothing range has been specifically hand-picked from a range of exclusive Australian labels. Catering to the shape, preferring natural fibres and giving special consideration to comfort around the waist – avoiding pressure where surgery may have occurred. We also sell beautiful Care Packages that women can send to themselves on those difficult days or send to loved ones who need a little pick-me-up! 

So next time you visit a new mum, someone in or coming out of hospital, someone recovering from surgery, or just because; instead of flowers that can be hard to care for when unwell or recovering – why not send or give them one of our beautifully filled Care Packages and let them feel so loved + special! 

What makes Keely Brooke & Co stand out is that we have taken all the hard work & stress out of finding helpful products & stylish comfy clothes that look, feel and wear so beautifully. 

Take it from someone who understands!